An Introduction to the Adventure

Darren Bowen Photography

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WAXHAW, NC – Welcome, I am Darren Bowen, and I am a local photographer in Downtown Waxhaw NC, and I am here to share my adventures and observations in photography with a little of the madness that goes with it. I’ve played a few roles on my life journey, all of which seemed to have a purpose towards my love of photography, but being a columnist is a first and somewhat exciting opportunity to share my experience and guidance with you all, so here we go.

I’ve learnt that photography is a funny business from both sides of the table. It’s a far-reaching opportunity if you, the photographer, find your niche; it’s also a rewarding experience to do it for the love and passion of creativity. I started taking photographs in 2009; it was an emotional outlet for me, and 12 years later, it still is.

So in the coming weeks, let’s peel back both the motivation and the passion of photography; regardless of your reason, I hope to give you a peek into the windows of a journey that you will find rewarding and satisfying. So please join me next week in the Adventures in Photography with Darren Bowen and how to begin your photography adventure.

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