Take A Walk With Your Camera

Darren Bowen Photography

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WAXHAW, NC – Let’s begin where I started 5 years ago and peel back the motivation and passion of being a photographer. It’s actually simple, keep your camera in your pocket or around your neck and just take photographs of what you see – whether abstract or of people or anything really. I started just taking photographs of inanimate objects or cool looking moments as I walk around living the emotional moments of life.

I might have just found myself just walking and “ping” there it is, and I simply click; sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t, but you will know instinctively when it does. I once shot a town picture of Waxhaw, NC; my first thought was how to create a moment that captured my own style. I kept thinking of the stereotypical shots of Waxhaw, and I was not going to do what everyone else does, be it the bridge, a train rolling by or a water tower – nope, I was going to make this one a Darren Bowen Photography moment.

Next week let’s continue to look at the motivation and the passion of photography. I hope to give you a peek into the windows of a journey that you will find rewarding and satisfying. So please join me next week in the Adventures in Photography with Darren Bowen and how to begin your photography adventure.

Please email column@darrenbowen.com for more information on this topic or any photography questions you may have. You can also visit my website www.darrenbowen.com.

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