Detective Alex Ng – Waxhaw Police Department

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WAXHAW, NC – Almost everyone has watched at least one episode of Special Victims Unit on television. Alex Ng had the opportunity to live it.  Prior to his retirement,  Alex was a New York City SVU detective. After completing twenty one years with the NYC police department, Alex and his wife decided to move their family to Waxhaw NC for a better quality of life.

Alex was not content to go into full time retirement after the move and he still wanted to continue serving his community.  Applying for a position with the Waxhaw Police department was a natural progression for his career. When moving to Union COunty, he considered other agencies, but felt that working in Waxhaw would allow him to continue helping people and doing so in the community in which he lived and was raising his family.  This department also allowed him to interact with his new neighbors and be home in time to participate in family activities and school functions for his children. 

Over the course of his career, Alex has participated in many trainings, but most recently he has earned his Advance Law Enforcement certificate and completed the North Carolina Criminal Investigation Certificate Program, which is only held by approximately 10 percent of law enforcement officers. 

Having a wife that is Italian, Alex told me that he loves Italian and Chinese foods that bring both backgrounds together. He enjoys cooking, fishing and spending time with his family. When they have the chance, they always enjoy a trip to the beach.

Although Waxhaw is very lucky to have Alex working on the police department, if he had his dream job, he would be a professional fisherman.  Luckily for the citizens of Waxhaw, the water is a three hour trip.

Alex’s Community tip is to let the young citizens of Waxhaw know that the police are always there to listen and talk. They are willing to answer questions you have. Parents, please never threaten your child with calling the police if they are not behaving. Let’s build a positive relationship.

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