Eddie Cathey – Union County Sheriffs Office

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WAXHAW, NC – When the Behind the Lines column began it was decided that the column would alternate between the fire and police departments.  Routinely as the interviews with Union County Sheriff’s Deputies happened, there was always a common thread. All loved where they worked and did so because of the leadership of one man. It seemed fitting to complete my year of highlighting these emergency service workers by featuring that person. 

Eddie Cathey began his career in law enforcement at a duty station in Union County, NC in 1974 working for the NC HIghway Patrol.  Forty-seven years later he is still protecting and serving the same area just in a different capacity. After serving over twenty seven years with the Highway Patrol, Cathey retired in 2000. Having family in Union County, he knew he wanted to stay in the area and he was not ready to walk away from law enforcement. The public soon chose him to run for Union County Sheriff and he felt it was something he needed to do. In 2002, he was elected sheriff and was sworn in in December of the same year. 

Over the course of 47 years in law enforcement, Sheriff Cathey has participated in a multitude of training, he continues to hold certification in radar, breathalyzer and has completed Governor’s Security training.   

When Sheriff Cathey has the opportunity to eat out, his favorite meal is fried chicken from Quincy’s.   He enjoys the outdoors. Admittedly he is not a golfer, he does enjoy fishing, hunting and camping. His favorite getaways are the Cherokee Campgrounds in the mountains and Ocean Lakes Campgrounds in Myrtle Beach.

Sheriff Cathey has had an extensive career in law enforcement but still knows that he is where he is meant to be.  When asked if he could go into his dream job tomorrow, what would it be….without hesitation he replied “This is it ! I have no aspirations to go anywhere else.” 

 Sheriff Cathey’s Community Tip – Always be aware of your surroundings and take precautions to safeguard yourself from harm or injury.

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