Gavin Newell – Waxhaw Volunteer Fire Department

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WAXHAW, NC – Gavin Newell is one of the younger, friendly faces seen around the Waxhaw Volunteer Fire Department. Gavin was once an even fresher faced youngster who started in the Junior program in November 2018. Just three years later in June 2021 he was offered the opportunity to be hired as a full time career firefighter. 

Gavin says he joined the junior program because of his interest in firefighting and the bonus fulfilled his desire to serve his community. Waxhaw Fire Department was the local fire department where Gavin lives so it was a natural choice when he made the choice to enter the junior program. 

Having the opportunity to be one of the first career firefighters in Waxhaw, Gavin says that there is much room for growth and development moving forward. Looking ahead to his future Gavin’s hope is to advance and build his career to its full potential. He currently holds the NC Firefighter and EMT certifications. He is working to fill his dreams and is currently working toward certifications in Aerials, Technical Rescue and Machinery Rescue. 

When not spending time serving his community, Gavin likes to spend time outdoors and enjoys hiking and other outdoor adventures. Gavin also enjoys cooking and is using his firehouse duties to expand his culinary skills. Those close to Gavin have lovingly dubbed him “Pickles” and so it is no surprise to anyone that his favorite food is pickles.

Gavin’s Community Tip – Get to know your neighbors. Look out for one another and carry each other’s contact information in the event of an emergency.

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