Graham Davis – Wesley Chapel Fire Department

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WAXHAW, NC – Not many firefighters can say that they have seen both sides of a rescue, but that is just the case for Graham Davis. Graham started at 14 years old as an explorer, has been in the fire service for eleven years, six of them with Wesley Chapel Fire Department. He is certified as a Firefighter and Emergency Medical Technician in North Carolina as well as holding certifications for NC Firefighter 2, NC Technical Rescuer Vehicle Rescue, National Registry EMT, NC Fire officer 1 & 2, NC Fire Instructor 1, hazmat operations, bachelors of nursing degree from UNCC with a minor in child and family development. 

It is that degree in nursing that provides the other side of rescue for Graham.  His full time job is as a registered nurse in the surgical trauma ICU at CMC Main.  He loves his full time job and having the opportunity to work both pre hospital and inpatient within his community. Sometimes he responds to patients with Wesley Chapel, and then he sees them at work in the ICU. He is very passionate about the nursing field and the care of patients. 

The organizational structure, growth, and development of the department and area are what brought Graham to the Wesley Chapel fire department. The department has a very prestigious and highly held perception in the fire service and he wanted to be a part of that. Graham says “ I choose this position because I wanted to be “the working one”. I want to be one of the members doing the work, getting the job done, and getting my hands dirty. “ Graham feels that the resources available at Wesley Chapel are invaluable. 

When not at the fire house or hospital, Graham enjoys vacationing on Oak Island and cooking. His favorite food is smoked meat. He enjoys cooking different meats on his pit boss grill at home.

Graham loves the fire department position he currently holds and wouldn’t change anything about it. “I love every day that I get to come to “work” and ride a fire truck.”

Wesley Chapel residents are very lucky to have such a qualified and dedicated gentleman willing to support his community on a daily basis.    

Graham’s Community Tip – Please wear your seatbelts every time you get into any vehicle. Front seat, back seat, driver, it doesn’t matter what seat. Please always put a seatbelt on every time. 

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