Jim Kennedy – UCSO SRO Cuthbertson High School

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Waxhaw, NC – “Building relationships is the key to a great life.” That is the motto Jim Kennedy uses to live his life. Building relationships is something Jim does extremely well and considers his greatest specialty in his career. 

A retired homicide detective from New York City, Jim investigated where he would move his family after retirement and his research revealed that Union County was a great place to live and work. 

Initially Jim wanted to go into corporate investigations but was then told about the School Resource Officer Program and thought it would be a good avenue to explore.  He realized that such a position would allow him to use the skills that make him special in working with today’s youth.

In August Officer Kennedy will be starting his 14 1/2th year as a SRO. I asked why he went to the UC Sheriff’s Office rather than another agency and he replied that they had a great SRO program with more avenues to explore. Everyday gives him the opportunity to build relationships and be a role model for the students. 

Although Officer Kennedy would help anyone 24 hours a day, he also has a life outside of the school.  When asked about his favorite food he told me  “I’m married to an Italian so of course Italian food.” In fact, his interests revolve around being a connoisseur of food and loves dinners out with his wife. He also loves spending time with his children. His oldest son has followed in his fathers footsteps and is also a homicide detective with CMPD. The family doesn’t have time to vacation together often, but Jim told me their favorite family vacation was going back to New York. They had the opportunity to explore where he was born and raised, take in some shows, a parade and of course the food!

When asked if he couldn’t be a police officer, what would he do, officer Kennedy replied without hesitation, the corporate world doing investigations.

Officer Kennedy’s Community tip is have your head on a swivel, know your surroundings and know you have a friend in me !

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