Kassandra Clark – Union County Sheriffs Office

Officer Sam Clark, Detective Kassandra Clark and K-9 Officer Kamil

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WAXHAW, NC – As a young child she dreamed of solving mysteries like Nancy Drew. As an adult, Kassandra Clark gets to live out that dream.  Kassandra began her law enforcement career as an officer in Marshville, NC in 2016. Two years later she transferred to the Union County Sheriffs Office because she saw more opportunities for her career to grow.  It also helped that her husband also worked for the agency, she was familiar with its family environment and she knew that Sheriff Edie Cathey was a great man to work for.  Just one year later she was promoted to detective and loves working with her team to solve crimes on a daily basis.

Over the past six years, Kassandra has had the opportunity to increase her knowledge base and attend many classes. Those that stand out for her include: RADAR certification, INTOX certification and Police Law Institute (PLI) , an intense investigative training. In addition to her formal training, she enjoys reading and learning about investigative techniques and listens to true crime podcasts whenever possible.

Not only is Kassandra a life-long learner, she is also mom to a 19-month old son, so much of her spare time is doing kid “stuff” with him.  It might be the kid’s food or just her love of anything pasta related, but her favorite food is spaghetti.

Kassandra and her husband enjoy boating so it only goes to say that their favorite place to vacation is anywhere near a lake.  

Kassandra is living her childhood dream, but when asked if she could do anything in the world, what would she love to do. She replied she would love the opportunity to be a stay at home mom.  Thankfully for the citizens of Union County, she is able to balance home life and a career helping solve crimes and keep our citizens safe.

Detective Kassandra Clark’s Community Tip – The best way to protect your home and property is to invest in a good security system with quality cameras and adequate storage.

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