Lieutenant Michael Mulligan – Waxhaw Police Department

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WAXHAW, NC – Most people hold several jobs throughout their lifetime. This is not the case for Lieutenant Michael Mulligan.  In high school Michael worked at a bowling alley in Matthews but alway knew he wanted to be a police officer.  For the past 14 years he has been able to do just that.

While working at the bowling alley Michael saw an opening for a police officer in Waxhaw and knew this was his opportunity to fulfil his dream.  He was hired and started his career as a patrol officer. He then moved to a narcotics officer for 5 years followed by a promotion to sergeant in patrol. His latest promotion came in 2018 when he was offered the opportunity to grow and he took the position of Lieutenant for Community Services and Recruitment, the position he now holds. He now works with the DARE officers and is responsible for much of the hiring within the police department.

When he is not working, Michael enjoys spending time with his family. They especially like spending vacations at the beach.  When asked about his favorite food, he replied simply – steak !

I asked Lt. Mulligan if he wasn’t a police officer what would he want to do.  He hesitated and replied, “I really don’t know. This is all I have ever wanted to do.” 

Waxhaw police department has officers dedicated to the community, Lt. Mulligan is certainly a member of that elite group.

Lieutenant Mulligan’s community tip – If you see something, let us know. Be more active in the community and help us to know what the problems are so we can fix them together.

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