Neil Sullivan – UCSO SRO Marvin High School

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WAXHAW, NC – After retiring from the New York Police Department where he worked at the 115 precinct Robbery Squad, Neil Sullivan knew he wanted to stay in the law enforcement community.  Moving to Union County, that is just what he did. His first position was with Char-Meck working as a corrections officer. Then before completing his NC basic law enforcement training (BLET), he transferred closer to home as a CO at the Union County jail and ultimately to his current position, of 11years, as the school resource officer at Marvin High School.

Neil may have started his career at Rikers Island in New York, but he will finish it in Union County.  Neil told me that he enjoys working with kids and would much rather help keep kids out of jail than deal with them once in the system.

As always I had to ask about his favorite food and his reply was eggplant. Neil enjoys his career so much that even during the summer break he works at the county jail. He enjoys spending time with his family and includes his three dogs in that mix.  They can’t wait to be able to plan another vacation to Disney World.

When we talked about his job you could hear the excitement in Neil’s voice. I went out on a limb and challenged him to think about what he would love to be able to do if he couldn’t be a police officer. He replied that his ultimate job would be as a football coach at Notre Dame.

Neil said the best part of his job is the pride he has when he seeing kids from the area succeed and coming back to give to the community.

Neil’s Community Tips: Be careful no matter where you are. Be sure you know someone, don’t be so trusting right away.

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