Pete Harlick – WCVFD

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WAXHAW, NC – Not many people can say that a car seat is what brought them into the fire service, but that is just what happened for Pete Harlick.  In 2003 after having his first child, Pete stopped at the Mineola Fire Department Truck 2 for help installing the baby’s car seat.  Some of his friends were there and convinced him that joining the company would be a great way to give back to the community.

He spent seven years with his company in New York before moving to Union County. Once he was in NC he wanted that same brotherhood, so he went to the local firehouse. Wesley Chapel fire department reminded him of the experiences on Long Island with his former company. He now has eleven years with Wesley Chapel FD.

Pete holds his NC firefighter certification and enjoys putting what he has learned through the fire department into his daily life.  

When not at the firehouse, Pete works for Dell Technologies Federal Division and coaches girls lacrosse. Pete is a real down to Earth guy. His favorite food is BBQ that he prepares in his smoker, he enjoys a good cigar and has begun crafting his own bourbons. I asked Pete if he was able to do any job other than what he is doing now, he replied that he would like to coach lacrosse and own a bar/restaurant. His favorite place to vacation would be the Outer Banks with his family.  

Pete’s community TIP – Get off your couch, put down your phone and come get involved in the community.  Getting active is a great way to give back.

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