Peter Skrobot – WVFD

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WAXHAW, NC – Across two states and 21 years of service, Pete Skrobot has never been happier with his career choice.  In New Jersey 95% of firefighters are volunteers. When Pete moved to Union County in 2014 he hoped that his volunteer hobby would become his full-time career. In March of this year, Pete was hired as part of the first career class at Waxhaw Fire Department.  He was also the first firefighter at Waxhaw FD to hold the title of Captain.

Pete felt an immediate connection with the Waxhaw Fire Department. Many of the members were from the north like he was and it was the closest company he could find with like-minded members. The state-of-the-art training and equipment didn’t hurt either.  It even turns out, that my late husband was one of his instructors in New Jersey.

I asked what made him choose Waxhaw over other highly regarded departments and he replied that with the current growth in population and increasing call volume, he wants to help the department grow in pride and keep the tradition alive.

Currently, Pete is the captain for the junior firefighter’s program in Waxhaw, but he was previously a member of the dive team and technical rescue task force in his department in New Jersey.

Like a true Jersey transplant, his favorite food is pork roll (not Taylor Ham), he loves spending time with his family and camping with his wife.  His favorite place to visit in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

Pete lives his dream job every day, but if he could not be a fire fighter, he told me he always wanted to be a storm chaser.  With the weather around here, he might be able to accomplish both.

Pete’s Tip for the community – Don’t double park your cars and do not block fire hydrants as you might come out to an unpleasant surprise.

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