Stephen Day – WCVFD

Stephen Day with his daughter Nicole when she was an EMT explorer.

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WAXHAW, NC – Stephen’s journey as a firefighter all started at a party. He ran into a guy from the Wesley Chapel Fire Department that was talking about a medical call of a neighbor to whom he had responded. After leaving the Army, Stephen wanted a way to get involved in helping the community, which seemed like the right choice.  He found out about what classes and certifications he would need and started the journey.  Not long after getting his certification, he was at a structure fire, and Steven McLendon, the current fire chief, asked, “how was that?” Stephen’s reply was, “I loved it!” and that is what hooked him into the past ten years of fire service. 

Stephen lives right down the road from Wesley Chapel Station 31, which was the logical place to volunteer.  He loves being able to help people on what could be their worst day. Stephen is now fully certified as an EMT and interior firefighter and considers the fire department his hobby.

When he is not working, Stephen enjoys a pizza from Tony’s on Johnston Road. When we spoke, Stephen was on the beach in Wilmington, but he told me the family’s favorite vacation spot is St. Augustine, Florida.I wanted to let him get back to his family time, so his final question was, “If not a firefighter, what would you do?” He said he would love to be a soldier again.  It seems no matter what he is doing, Stephen Day enjoys giving back to his community.

Stephen Day’s community TIP – Don’t hesitate to call 911 if needed.

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