B.A.N.K.ing on Sales Effectiveness Might be Key to Company Success

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Our culture today is one in which far too many people are talking and not enough are listening.  Fortunately, the B.A.N.K. system, derived from the company BANKCODE, is a scientifically validated program that aims to train sales force by focusing on the “buyology”, rather than the psychology.  Essentially, why people buy, based on their values.  It aims to give companies a better return on investment by teaching them how to communicate and negotiate, both internally with their own colleagues and externally with their clients.

B.A.N.K. is an acronym that stands for Blueprint, Action, Nurturer, and Knowledge.  And local resident Jeanne Zierhoffer has been a business development specialist and a B.A.N.K. sales personality trainer and author for the last two years, though has spent decades in marketing and real estate. 

B.A.N.K.’s clients span from across the globe, focusing throughout the United States and India, of which Zierhoffer travels for speaking engagements.  Her typical clients are personal and professional coaches, real estate and financial sales associates, corporate human resource professionals, and even families enrolled in school youth programs.

For its setup, B.A.N.K. trainers go into companies in an effort to audit them, from a personnel and process perspective – where are the holes?  Is there a broken link in the inner community that’s negatively impacting returns?  It’s finding the value on every person in the company.  And sometimes, they find that people are in the wrong position and re-structuring is necessary.  Or perhaps its shifting the way a company markets itself to prospective employees to foster the optimum fit.

The goal, says Zierhoffer, is “one world, one language.  Often, the message gets lost because people are speaking AT one another and not TO each other, so we’re teaching clients how to understand who they’re selling to.”

And while B.A.N.K. was created to boost sales techniques, Zierhoffer is most proud of their track record in helping prevent children suicide and improve family relations through their anti-bullying programs in schools.  “It may not have been what the system was made for,” cites Zierhoffer, “but it has saved a child!”

If you’re looking to change the game for your company’s sales effectiveness, or simply better communicate with your customers and peers alike, then B.A.N.K. might be worth a try.  For more information, please contact Jeanne Zierhoffer at 978-337-2547, or visit their  website, https://mybankcode.com/WOW/.

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