Concierge Real Estate – Made Easy and Just for You

Tammy Lyles, Owner

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As one of many real estate brokers in the business, Tammy Lyles knew she’d need to stand out if she was to be profitable.  After 30 years in corporate sales, and 12 years in real estate, specifically, Lyles felt she had the skills and experience to make it on her own.  And in 2015, that’s exactly what she did with the creation of S&M Realty of SC.

Serving South Carolina, North Carolina and Georgia, Lyles has made her company’s mission to provide concierge, one-on-one broker and realtor services to her clients.  And because S&M provides such an individualized experience, they have to be selective in their clientele, making sure the relationship is a good fit for all parties involved.  Taking on an average of five to seven clients at a time, give or take, S&M prides itself in being a small company with big expectations.

“Sometimes I think people are hesitant to work with small companies because they want to go with a big name, but once people give us an opportunity, they’re not disappointed,” states Lyles.

As a smaller brokerage firm, S&M has been able to walk their clients through the home-buying process, step-by-step, helping de-mystify the process and making it a reality for those that, for so long, had felt home ownership was out of their reach.

“I love working with young buyers, I take them on, literally, as my own kids,” says Lyles.  “I make sure they understand the entire process…we talk about needs and wants, and I explain to them that their first house is not necessarily their dream home, but for someone who never thought they could ever purchase their own home, they’re amazed to actually own a home at the end!”

That education process is so critical for Lyles, who takes the time to explain to buyers the disconnect between a prequalified amount vs. an affordable mortgage – they’re very rarely one in the same!  In conjunction with her team of lawyers, inspectors, fellow realtors, stagers, et. al., Lyles can provide her clients with the resources and tools to become a more astute consumer, and thereby a happier client.

“I’ve found that if we do a good job for people, you get it back!”

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