Divine Catering serves up soul food in the heart of the South

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The warm weather that the Carolinas are known for is right around the corner, and so too are graduations, backyard barbeques and, of course, wedding season.  Fortunately, Divine Catering is eager to take the load off of hosting those events by providing crowd-pleasing meals to the masses.

Waxhaw resident Monique Williams officially began operations of Divine Catering in March 2017 after a lifetime of culinary inspiration from her beloved father, whose affinity for barbequed hog was a family favorite for years.  Upon being tasked with the job of cooking for their 100-guest family reunion, Williams and her husband retrospectively realized her unique ability to successfully organize and execute a delicious menu for so many people, and how that could be parlayed into a life-fulfilling venture and ultimate homage to her dad.

Williams’ specialty is soul food, or traditional Southern fare – friend chicken, mac n cheese, collard greens, and green beans.  She’s also been known to serve up baby back ribs, BBQ chicken, and even simple southern desserts like banana pudding and peach cobbler.  And while mac n cheese remains her most revered, she’s always open to taking special requests like potato pie, spaghetti, and chocolate cake, among others.  

Upon delivering her first event, Williams was brought to tears with the realization that her dream had come to fruition.  It was especially bitter sweet upon the then recent passing of her son, who not only was her biggest cheerleader, but also a steadfast contributor to her getting up and running.  Her son and father’s memories live on in every aspect of her business, as even their initials are incorporated into her logo design.

Currently, Williams operates Divine Catering out of her own home, but is looking to move into a commissary-type kitchen as she grows.  Additionally, she’s working on obtaining a food truck to become a truly mobile entity, with the ability to “set up shop” for loyal and new customers in both North and South Carolina.  

In the meantime, you can reach Divine Catering at  www.divinecateringllc.com.  Happy entertaining!

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