Fox’s Bowling Alley, Bar and Grill brings the heat

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3200 BC. Not exactly a date that comes to mind when you’re considering the birth of most modern sports. James Naismith is credited with creating the game of basketball in the late 1890’s. Soccer dates back to Greek and Roman cities. But none can be traced as far back as the game of bowling.

Any sport that survives over 5000 years of human evolution is probably worth keeping around- and that’s why Fox’s Alley Bowling, Bar and Grill, in Monroe, is still a hotspot of entertainment today.Fox’s brings a new dimension to the classic sport with it’s energetic atmosphere and modernized equipment.

Options like Cosmic Bowling and birthday party packages have brought bowling into the 21st century. Pub Poker and live music nights have made Fox’s a standout in the industry, going even further by turning a bowling alley into a multifaceted fun factory.

There’s no reason to look beyond the boundaries of Union County to find an all encompassing entertainment schmorgasbord under one roof.

Catering to families, Fox’s can meet the diverse needs of parties large and small, young and old without exception.The extensive menu, ranging from apps to burgers to delicious desserts, leaves no tongue wanting, and defines flexible and convenient dining with it’s dine-in or take out options.

Sophisticated cocktails, brews and finger food define Fox’s as “not your father’s bowling alley”. They also set it apart as a stand-alone in food service, grouping it with the likes of Dave and Busters type evening out destinations instead of simply a bowling alley for afterhours socializing.

With a wide rage of hours, and unbelievably affordable pricing, bowling at Fox’s is an easy way to treat yourself or celebrate with a crew. Open Monday through Thursday from 11:00 AM to 11:00 PM, weekday outings are a sweet choice as far as time and pricing are concerned. At only $3.00 for shoe rental and $4.25 per game, per person, an affordable night out can be had, with dinner easily covered by Fox’s Grill.

When the weekend hits and late nights are in order, Fox’s has you covered with hours as late at 2:00 AM on Friday and Saturday nights. Peak hours per game prices vary from $4.75 to $5.50, but shoe rental remains the same at only $3.00 for the evening.

Sunday offers the best deal for your dollar with evening games after 6:00 PM only $3.00 per round.  Happily, Sunday retains the flexible choice in times as the of the rest of the week, with the Alley open 1:00 PM to 10:00 PM. A great Sunday afternoon lunch and play opportunity, Fox’s Alley Blowing, Bar, Grill provides a social spot for friends, family, and the post-church crowd to gather.

Whether you’re in the market for party venue- Fox’s happily hosts an array of events from birthdays to baby showers- or just looking for something new that’s close to home, it’s hard to beat the offerings at Fox’s Alley Bowing, Bar, and Grill.  To inquire about anything from league opportunities and times, to party planning or group discounts, Fox’s can be reached at 704-776-9518, or online at

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