SolarShine ⁠— An Environmentally Conscious Car Wash Experience

SolarShine Express Car Wash, located at 2170 W. Roosevelt Blvd in Monroe, is a family-owned environmentally-conscious business.

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Dreams take time and energy to grow, and as a business ten years in the making, SolarShine Express Car Wash has been a labor of love. A true family business, the idea was born from Sunday family dinners at matriarch Beverly “Mama” Watts’s house, and it is owned and operated by six members of the Watts family. Located at 2170 West Roosevelt Boulevard in Monroe, SolarShine Express Car Wash is a car-washing experience like no other.

To start, SolarShine Express Car Wash has a strong commitment to environmental conservancy. The car wash is the only one in the area that operates largely on solar energy collected daily by its unique Solar Flower component. Each morning the Solar Flower opens, catches the day’s rays, and closes in the evening. Many enjoy gathering near the parking lot to watch the flower unfurl in the morning and close at night. The energy gained from the day is used to power many of the car wash’s functions. SolarShine Express Car Wash takes caring for our environment seriously, and works tirelessly in its efforts for water conservation and keeping harsh pollutants out of our water sources. Their responsibility for water conservancy operates on many levels. Washing your car at Solar Shine uses far less water than you would use washing your car at home. The water at the car wash is captured, retained, and recycled. They reuse the water that they can and water that cannot be reused is cleaned before it is allowed into the sanitary sewer so that harsh chemicals are not reaching our rivers and streams.

SolarShine Express Car Wash also offers a Towel Program. In addition to the microfiber exterior towels for drying, customers can purchase a clean microfiber towel for $5 that is sprayed with a special blend of essential oils designed to disinfect and clean the interior of your car. Customers then store the scented towel in their car until their next wash. It leaves your car smelling fresh, and when you return, you are given a new towel to use after your wash.

SolarShine Express offers a state-of-the-art car wash experience. The express, drive-through car wash utilizes gentle foam brushes that resist dirt and grime and are designed to safely wash your car without scratching. There are several car wash packages available, ranging from basic experiences at $8 to top-of-the-line washes at $20. Customers often comment that their cars look as good as they did driving off the dealer’s lot. This is due to SolarShine’s exclusive Solar Flare Component, a solution that deoxidizes and conditions your car’s paint to restore its showroom finish and shine.

SolarShine offers monthly unlimited daily car wash packages. Starting at $23.99 per month and ranging to $39.99 per month, you can have your car cleaned at tremendous savings.  Washes also include free vacuum use and free floor mat cleaning (important to note for those of us with minivans full of kids!). SolarShine aims to make car-washing an event rather than a chore by incorporating a light show into their car wash tunnel to make the experience enjoyable for children as well!

The SolarShine Express Car Wash family is made up of father Andy Watts, managing partner of development with the SolarShine brand; Jason Bannister, co-owner and general manager of the Monroe location, is the face of SolarShine for their customers; brother Bryan Watts, co-owner and managing partner of technology; sister Ashley Bannister, co-owner, human resources and office manager; Elisabeth Watts, co-owner and manager of marketing, events, and social media; and Beverly Watts, co-owner and matriarch of the family, creative heart of SolarShine, and phenomenal grandma.

In addition to fantastic care for your car, SolarShine Express Car Wash believes in giving back to the community. They partner with local schools, sports teams, and other organizations to provide a special code, that when used by customers, gives a percentage of sales back to the group they support. The Owner Give Back Program involves the business donating a portion of profits to charities and organizations close to the family’s heart. These include Pierce’s Project, Foster Village Charlotte, The Heartest Yard, Back Country Hunters and Anglers, and Operation Underground Railroad.

SolarShine is offering a text club program for customers. Simply text the word “Solar” to 59925, and you will be enrolled in the text club, will receive notifications of sales and specials, and will receive a free Top Wash experience to see what they are all about. 

For more information on SolarShine Express Car Wash, please visit them at their Monroe location on 2170 W. Roosevelt Boulevard or call 704-601-6301. You can also find them on Facebook (Solar Shine Monroe), Instagram (@solarshinemonroe), and Twitter (@SolarShineXpres).


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