Waxhaw’s new local eatery Le Cochon d’Or

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Très bien!  Those are the words Owner Patrick Garrivier is hoping customers will be saying when they walk away from their dining experience at his latest restaurant venture, Le Cochon d’Or.  Nestled in the heart of Waxhaw, in the spot where Heritage used to reside, Le Cochon d’Or is embracing its quaint elegance as it aims to please those seeking a real culinary treat.

Inspired by his France upbringing, from wine country in the South to the Alps, Garrivier brings a lifetime of both authentic French culinary education and restaurant experience.  He’s worked in the business since the age of 16, eventually learning from the best in New York’s famed Daniel Boulud Restaurant.  Upon settling in Charlotte, he opened his first restaurant Aix en Provence in Myers Park, specializing in Mediterranean fare.  With its success, he’s now branching out to serve a heavier culinary style from the likes of Burgundy, France.  It features more creams, mushrooms, fois de gras – generally, a richer style using the likes of pork, sausage, and charcuteries.  

Fittingly, Le Cochon d’Or’s menu includes a section entitled Gourmandises, meaning “to eat in a gluttonous manner; to make a big of oneself” where it offers some of its most popular dishes.  These include the Pappardelle, a freshly-made pasta with an all-day pork ragu, as well as the Quenelle Lyonnaise, a flounder dumpling with roasted mushrooms and a rich lobster sauce.  Other menu favorites include the Salade Lyonnaise that features a poached egg over more bitter greens drizzled with a bacon vinaigrette, and the Choucroute Garnie, a confit pork belly with sauerkraut, carrots, and sausage served with fingerling potatoes.  And of course, the meal cannot be complete without any one of their delectable “bonbons”, particularly the chocolate soufflé or the flambé, served tableside for freshness and flair!   

“We want to ‘wow’ everyone when they walk in!  We want people to feel like they’re coming to our home to eat, to be pampered and well-treated.  We want to win the people over, so they’ll come back sooner than later,” says Garrivier.

Fortunately, for a town that has seen a bit of a revolving door on businesses, Garrivier has done his market research of the area and intends to establish roots for the long haul.  He says, “The feedback from guests has been really great.  It’s very different to have a nice, French restaurant in a small town like this.  People have been looking for it.”

That they have!  Bon appétit!  

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