What If I Told You Direct Mail Works

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Numerous studies and marketing experts show that online marketing is the most powerful marketing channel out there these days. But that doesn’t mean that direct mail and print marketing has gone the way of the dinosaur. Digital marketing should definitely be a major part of your overall advertising strategy, but direct-mail marketing continues to be one of the best methods to promote your business and attract new customers.

More marketers are adding direct mail to their marketing plan because the engagement is growing as the clutter declines. In todays world, people are constantly being bombarded with email, spam and social media messages. Take a look at your email inbox and spam folder right now. How many messages do you have that are unread and waiting for you? Some people are able to keep these messages under control but a majority of us have a large number of unopened emails, with more and more on the way everyday. Studies show that people aren’t opening emails in a timely manner, but still sort through their mail regularly. According to the U.S. Postal Service, 98% of people check their mail on a daily basis. If you send something out, there’s a high likelihood that it’s going to get seen.

Statistics prove that direct-mail postcard marketing continues to be one of the most powerful marketing weapons in your arsenal. Consider these following statistics:
• 36% of people under 30 look forward to checking the mail each day.
• 66% are more likely to remember to use a voucher or coupon if they have a physical copy to carry around.
• 2.5 billion coupons were redeemed in 2015.
• 42% of recipients read or scan mail pieces
• 74% always or sometimes notice advertising in direct mail.
• Direct mail household response rate is at 3.7%
(compared to .2% mobile, .1% email, .1% social media,
and .02% internet display).
• At 5.0%, oversized postcards have the greatest response rate over other mediums (followed by regular sized postcards at 4.25% and dimensional
mailings at 4.0%).

As you can see, direct mail marketing yields excellent response rates for many small businesses and offers the chance to get something real into the hands of your audience creating a connection that just isn’t the same with email or other online marketing. It may be time to consider using direct mail marketing for your business.

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