Boosting Immunity with Massage

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Folks, as we phase back in to going out in public and being around more and more people, I wanted to touch base on some things that may help boost your immunity. First, let’s look at what immunity is and how it’s compromised.

Immunity is what helps you resist sickness. If your immune system is healthy, then you are healthy. If your immune system is distressed, then you’ll be sick. Pretty simple, right? What weakens your immune system? Below are a few reasons for weakening and a few suggestions on how to correct:

Stress – self-care helps; self-care might involve massage, meditation, yoga, a walk in the park or around the block, going outside, breathing in slowing/breathing out slowly while counting to ten.

Lack of exercise – to all my clients, I always stress that you have to move. Bodies have to be in motion. Take a walk, go to the park, and make a lap around. Trust me when I say, little is better than none. Can’t walk but 10 steps around the house? That’s okay, walk 11 next week. But every single day you have to move your body.

Lack of sleep – once again, massage can help manage this aspect. Sleeplessness can also be helped with exercise. Listen to your body! When you feel sleepy at night, stop what you’re doing and go to bed immediately. There’s a small window that once you ignore it, you’ll actually get a second wind! Have a nightly routine. Maybe you can read or listen to an audiobook. Perhaps you can do some breathing techniques that slow down your thinking.

Of course, always check with your doctor about these things and their recommendations, especially if you have health conditions. Schedule your massages as needed. Look into relaxation techniques (you’ll find videos on Youtube, free apps on your phone, good information on the internet). Ask a trusted professional where they would start. Be good to yourself. I can’t wait to see you (cautiously of course) around town.

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