Business Portraits – Tips and Advice

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Business Image and Branding is becoming more important every year.

Business is changing. More than ever, people rely on Email signatures, Websites, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to get your information. It’s important to know who you are doing business with and seeing the face of the person you are corresponding with is a very powerful tool to instill confidence in your brand and marketing pieces.

Consistency is key. Your employee headshots makes your team look professional and unified. High quality portraits show that you care to invest in your company’s image and therefore care about the work you do.

A professional portrait will give your employees a sense of pride. They will feel good about their place of work and their role within the company.

How to look good in your corporate business portrait

Always have a smiling or friendly expression.

Direct your face towards the camera to convey openness and confidence.

Dress up for your photo. Layers (sweaters, blazers, suit jacket) are visually appealing.

Avoid white, bold patterns, florals and bulky clothing. These elements will take attention away from your face.

Do wear your glasses if you wear them all the time. You will want to look authentic in your business portrait.

A good business portrait should show your best “real you”. People should feel that they are getting to know you just by seeing your photo. This will add a good level of familiarity and trust as well.

Your final photo should be lightly touched up, but not to the point where the retouching is noticeable. The best headshots are honest and show your natural beauty.

The most cost efficient and time effective way to get all your employees photographed is to have the photographer come to your offices. I offer on-site photography and recommend scheduling 10 minutes for each person.

Some people are shy or don’t like to smile. Some people need more guidance than others. Some may love or hate to have their picture taken. But in all cases, everyone needs a professional portrait to be successful in business these days.

A photographer who specializes in portraits will be the best person to hire for your company headshots. He or she will use flattering lighting while putting you at ease.

I recommend updating your profile picture every 2-3 years. You want the image to stay current and represent you as you really are.

If you are currently looking for a new business portrait, do contact our studio, Photographic Elegance, to schedule an updated photo. It will give your LinkedIn profile a fresh new look and a bump in social media views. It will also help you put your best foot forward in your job applications and job interviews. Potential employers will see that you are a professional person who takes themselves and their work seriously.

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