Connect with Art Experience for All in Waxhaw

Cat Jackson, President of the Waxhaw Arts Council, finishing some pottery pieces in preparation for selling them.

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Artists and art enthusiasts will gather together on Saturday, October 20th from 11 am – 6 pm at the newly refurbished Waxhaw Water Tower Park for “Connect with Art”, a public event hosted by the Waxhaw Art Council in collaboration with the Town of Waxhaw.

The Connect with Art event will be buzzing with over 20 different local artists demonstrating their craft and selling their wares. The public can meet local artists, learn about their craft and purchase a variety of artwork ranging from canvas paintings to pottery and more.

All ages are encouraged to connect with art during this event! Experience the joy of creativity with a hands-on, collaborative art piece designed for all ages and skill levels to help create! The finished collaboration will be a portable, public mural depicting life in Waxhaw, and will either be auctioned off to help support the Waxhaw Art Council or displayed around town for all to enjoy!

Try your hand at painting kindness rocks at the Junior Art League’s booth. These smooth, river rocks will be available for all ages to paint with an encouraging message or design. Then, painters can choose to hide their rocks around town for other to find and brighten their day.

For more art, follow the signs to Eight Legs Gallery and Stewart’s Village Gallery which are within walking distance from the Connect with Art event. Art Box Ceramics and Canvas, located inside Eight Legs Gallery will feature specials on paint-your-own pottery and will be open for walk-ins from 11 am – 6 pm!

The Connect with Art event will be on Providence Road South between North Main Street and McDonald Street. For more information, please contact Lambeth Marshall at

Artists will be selling their creations ranging from pottery to paintings and more at the Connect with Art event.
Local artist, Lambeth Marshall painting an abstract on canvas.
Local artists will display their paintings, pottery and more for sale at the Connect with Art event.
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