How To Avoid A Remodeling Nightmare

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CHARLOTTE – When you decide to move forward with a bathroom renovation, you need to make sure the contracting company you are dealing with is reputable. While there’s no shortage of companies advertising remodeling services, you have to be very careful about who you hire and how you pay for the job to ensure it’s done properly. According to the Consumer Federation of America, home improvement complaints topped the list of the most expensive consumer complaints.

To avoid a remodeling nightmare, start by reading reviews on your contractor. Additionally, pay attention to communication and availability. If you have to chase down a contractor just to get a quote for your job, that’s a good idea of the type of service you can expect from them.  If the contractor asks for a large percentage of the money for your remodel up front, you should consider this a red flag and look elsewhere.

Check for licensing. Licensed contractors have worked hard to earn accreditation and many proudly showcase their license number on their website. They will not hesitate to provide this information when asked. 

To avoid hidden costs, take the time to read over the contract and make sure the details are what you’ve discussed, including pricing, timeline, and the scope of work to be completed.  It’s always best to make sure milestones are part of the contract, so that you pay as work is finished. With these tips you should be well on your way to a successful remodel. 

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Logan Phillips
Logan Phillips has managed over $50 Million in renovation projects, ranging from small historic homes to the Former President's personal office. As the Head of Operations at remodelmate, I help hundreds of homeowners per year manage their renovations, including design, permitting, materials, and construction. Remodelmate has the largest network of local, licensed, insured, and vetted Contractors, and can provide you a bathroom renovation quote in less than 2 minutes at