How To Save On Your Bath Remodel

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CHARLOTTE – While some homeowners have grandiose plans to build their dream bathroom—complete with that jacuzzi tub—a majority of people are looking to get the best possible return on their investment. To accomplish this, work needs to be done right and the project needs to stay on-budget. 

Avoid unnecessary rework by hiring a professional

We’re living in a golden age for DIY home projects. Thanks to step-by-step video tutorials online, more and more homeowners are tackling their own remodeling projects—including bathroom renovation work. While there are some parts of a bathroom remodel that homeowners can take on themselves, anything involving plumbing and electrical is best left to a professional contractor.

Think about it this way: this might be the only time you ever remodel the bathroom in this home. As such, you’re going to have to learn by trial-and-error and risk the end-quality of the bathroom on your own (steep) learning curve. In contrast, an experienced remodeler has already completed hundreds of successful bathroom remodels. 

Skip the major layout changes

Many homeowners want to make huge, splashy changes to their bathroom, and their initial instinct is to move the bathtub, shower, toilet, or vanity around. After all, this is what many people do with furniture to keep their home fresh. However, unlike your couch or end table, everything in your bathroom is connected to existing pipes that are expensive to move. 

This week’s column is contributed by Katy Peterson of Southern Air Heating and Cooling.

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