Cruise Ships and Cruising Styles – Part 3

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Last week we started to discuss midsize cruise ships.


More intimate on board experience, lower ratio of employees to passengers, more unique dining experience.

The romance “WOW” factor is usually much higher on this class of ships.

These ships may be able to access desirable ports that the big guys cannot.


Fewer “things” on board for entertainment.

Less variety of dining venues.

The last class is the Intimate class of ships, and these may be the most appealing to some. Generally they are under 2,000 passengers, with many as few as 800 passengers. They are reputed to have the best “cuisine” among all ships, and fine dining is often a reason for choosing such a ship. They also visit smaller ports, so personal experiences are lauded by the cruise line. Most have suites such as “Owners Suite”, which tend to exaggerate exuberance. This may give away your age, but if any of you were fans of the “Love Boat” on TV (I was), there you are. On board you may get to know the Issacs very well as you enjoy a nightly libation. You may encounter and chat with the “Captain Stuebings” of the modern fleet, and may even have a photo op. Some ships still have a “Captains Table” where invited guests may join the senior crew for dinner. These are probably the only class of ships where you may sign up for a visit to the working bridge, or tour the ship’s galleys. Embarkation, disembarkation, shows and main dining rooms generally have much shorter lines.


Fine, intimate dining.

Romance Factor

Intimacy on board and at ports of call


More reaction to wave action during the cruise.

Less variety of entertainment on board.

Join us next week for continued discussion on Intimate class ships.

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