Cruise Ships and Cruising Styles – Part 7

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This is the final part of this series on cruise ships and styles.

Puerto Rico is a US territory. Located near the Virgin Islands in the Caribbean. This beautiful island was nearly devastated by hurricanes 2 years ago, but the American citizens there are resilient and have restored much of the former beauty. Many cruise ships stop there every day. The Old City is a great place to wander, shop, and eat. A visit to the El Junque rain forest is a must.

Coming up the Western Caribbean side of Cuba one of the cruise ship ports is Grand Cayman. Famous as an offshore banking headquarters, it is also home to seven miles of public beach and, perhaps, the best scuba diving in the Caribbean. If you’re a beach person, you will be in Heaven here. Find a nice beach location next to a bar or restaurant and enjoy.

Next might be Cozumel, Mexico, home of “Hell” and a great Sea Turtle Nursery, open to the public.

Cruise ships also visit Playa del Carmen occasionally. A great jump off point for Mayan Ruins as well as spectacular shopping along “5th Avenue”.

I think we have covered many of the former “objections” people had to cruising.

“I will get seasick”. Probably not, because there are the very large cruise ships that greatly reduce any wave action. Also “patches” are readily available with a prescription from your doctor as are several over-the-counter remedies.

“There may be a Hurricane”. Well there certainly may be one. These modern cruise ships have ultra modern weather stations and can move away from the hurricane. No resort can do that.

“It is confining”. Really? Longer than 3 football fields, 18 stories above the water level, over 100 public spaces, 28 restaurants, a Merry Go Round, water slide, etc. Not confining at all today.

“It costs too much”. I have comparisons of 7 nights in Myrtle Beach vs 7 nights on board a ship. Ask me and I will send it to you. Better yet join Barbara and me on January 12 as we enjoy one of the newest 5200 passenger ships at sea from Port Canaveral, Florida. Our group will enjoy balcony cabins, all meals, snacks, coffee tea, juice, 3 Caribbean island stops, all for $900 per person double occupancy. REALLY!!!

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