3 Tips Before Launching Your Online Store

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Are you thinking about creating your first online store? How exciting. I can imagine that you ponder about your store’s layout, fonts, images, and the engaging text you are going to write. You have checked out several of the platform providers, all offering countless templates to choose from. But which one is right for you and where to start?

Here are 3 tips to consider:

How does your online store fit into your business strategy?

Think about an online store as a new channel. By selling online, you can expand your customer base beyond your immediate location.

Are you prepared to give it some TLC?

Maintaining an online store can be a significant time commitment. You need to keep it fresh and exciting for your customers to come back.

Is your branding ready for the digital age?

A logo that works great as a sign at your physical location may not work that well on the web. As your online store should look good on a smartphone, tablet, and desktop computer, the browser resizes your logo. You can test this by shrinking your logo. Is it still legible?

Successfully launching an online store is more than choosing a fitting template. It is also about getting the foundation right.

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