What is a Favicon?

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When you use a browser such as Chrome, you may have noticed that many websites display in your browser tab a small icon in front of their name. The same symbol appears when you type a search term in your address bar or bookmark a site. Perhaps you have wondered what this small icon is?

This symbol is called a favicon, which stands for favorite icon. A favicon is small, the size of a fingernail, and square. It is typically derived from parts of your logo. However, if your logo has an intricate design, turning it into a favicon may pose a challenge.

You can easily test this yourself by shrinking your logo to a quarter of an inch on your screen. Can you still recognize it?

If you are not entirely satisfied with the result and are considering to redesign your logo, here are two thoughts that I find quite helpful:

The purpose of a logo is to identify your company through a memorable, impactful, distinctive symbol. It is more important to capture the personality of your business than what your business does.

The most successful logos have a simple, unique design. This may sound counterintuitive at first. However, think about all the logos you remember most. Aren’t they all simple and unique? They probably are, because simple logos are easier for us to recall. They also come with an added value: they remain recognizable in any size.

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