Ten Acres Of Botanical Wonder

Water plants and more at the entrance of the greenhouse. Photo by Jessica Mentzer

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CHARLOTTE – The City of Charlotte offers many wonderful adventures, activities, and history, but is not always thought of as a place to visit a wonderful garden. An adventure that is often skipped over or not thought about is the botanical garden at UNC Charlotte. The garden offers sights for all ages, and a visit there is not only a great way to get in a nice walk but also a unique learning experience that can offer benefits to visitors of all ages.

Features in the Garden
Many different types of features are offered throughout the garden. Photo by Jessica Mentzer

UNC Charlotte’s garden is one of the best secrets of the city and is a true experience all on its own. Once you step inside the garden’s fence you would not even know you were still in the city. Most are surprised when they learn that this garden is located on the campus of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. It features a greenhouse and a walking garden. This wonderful resource is not only a great way to get exercise, but it is also a place to learn.

Waterfall feature
Waterfall feature and landscaping at UNC Charlotte. Photo by Jessica Mentzer

Established in 1966 the garden provides an on-campus opportunity for the biology students to get knowledge outside of the classroom. Established by well-known biology professors Dr. Herbert Hechenbleikner and Bonnie E. Cone, this resource is a wonderful addition to the city and has been open to the public since the beginning. Not only does it serve the students and the general public; the garden is a wonderful resource for the botanists from near and far because of the huge collection that its space offers.

Pointing out the names of the trees
Elijah pointing out the name of the spruce tree. Photo by Jessica Mentzer

Over the last 50 plus years, the garden has grown and flourished, becoming one of Charlotte’s best-kept secrets. It contains more plants, trees, and garden collections than any other garden in the entire Charlotte-metro area with more than 4,500 greenhouse square feet and 10 acres outside to explore. Adventuring through the garden is a unique and wonderful experience for all ages. It offers many features that not only provide an educational experience and the names of many trees and plants, but also a landscape design that will keep you wanting to explore more and more. As you stroll through, you will notice several different types of hardscaping and landscaping, including many types of stairs, trail pathways, small creeks, and waterfall features. The hardscape and landscape are as much of a surprise as the amazing collection of plants and trees that this garden has to offer.

Garden Views at UNCC
View of one of the many gardens at UNCC Botanical Garden. Photo by Jessica Mentzer

When visiting the campus of UNC Charlotte, all garden and greenhouse guests are able to use the free parking located outside the greenhouse after registering. Registration is located inside the greenhouse. The parking spots are located near the entrance. Maps of the garden with a guide are also available at the entrance of the greenhouse and garden. This secret garden is well worth a visit. You will not be disappointed with what this place has to offer to all.

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