Featured Player of the Week, Dorian Shinhoster, Sun Valley Spartans

Dorian Shinhoster, Sun Valley Spartans. (Pro Movement Basketball)

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Sun Valley senior forward Dorian Shinhoster has been selected as the Tri-W-News “Featured Player of the Week,” by our sports desk.  He is an under the radar prospect according to Pro Movement Basketball.

The 6’4″senior had an outstanding game against Weddington on Friday night to lead the Spartans to a convincing victory.  He scored 22 points, grabbed 6 rebounds and had 3 steals in the contest.  He has the ability to score from anywhere on the court which makes him a consistent and dependable offensive threat.

Last season he was named Honorable Mention to the All-Conference team, when he averaged 10 points per game and 9 rebounds while landing 50% of his shots from the floor.

Meanwhile, during his senior season he has stepped up his game averaging 14.4 points per game, 8.4 rebounds, 3.9 assists and 1.1 steals this season for the Spartans in 19 games played according to MaxPreps.com.

He is a good student with a 3.5 GPA and has a solid SAT score.  Dorian fully understands the importance of being a student first, and his athleticism will take over on the basketball court.  His strengths on the hardwood include being a dependable shooter, elite level rebounder, an excellent interior passer and a versatile defender.

We at the Tri-W-News congratulate Dorian Shinhoster for having an outstanding senior season.

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