Gear Up for the Holidays Now!

Before you decorate, cook and prepare for guests, let Mr. Tile get your home holiday-ready with a tile and grout cleaning, new backsplash or a bathroom tile cleaning. Your guests will notice—and thank you!

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With the holidays just around the corner, many of us are getting ready to host friends and family and make special memories together. Having a home full of people takes some serious prepping. Before you get the guest rooms ready, decorate, plan the menu and organize activities, it’s a good idea to get your home ready to welcome your guests. Here are 5 simple things to get your home freshened up for the holidays.

  1. Deep-clean your kitchen tiles. Your walls and floors can show the “lived-in look” so it’s a perfect time to remove the grime and bring a sparkle to your kitchen. We recommend emailing us for a professional tile and grout cleaning to restore and upgrade your tile look. This budget-friendly service removes stains and dirt from the grout lines and instantly gives your kitchen a fresh facelift.
  2. Boost your bathroom. Look in the corners of your bathroom, inspect the tiles in your shower, take a close peek at the area around your drain. Over time, water deposits and build up can cause your bathroom tiles to get moldy and dirty—something your guests definitely don’t want to see. For surface cleaning, use a bathroom tile spray and scrub. But to eliminate deep deposits and staining, a professional cleaning is necessary. In less than 24 hours, your bathroom can sparkle again!
  3. Make a splash with a new backsplash. Tired of the same look in your kitchen? We can elevate your backsplash with something for trendy and appealing. You can never go wrong with Subway Tiles.
  4. Upgrade your bathroom floors. If your home currently has linoleum on the bathroom floor, consider upgrading to tile. For small bathrooms, this improvement instantly boosts your home’s look and increases the value of your home. For master bathrooms, a new floor can be the foundation for a complete remodel or just a quick refresh.
  5. Add a pop of tile to unexpected places. Tile your stair risers, design your kitchen island end, create a mural in your living room. Simple tile designs can be budget-friendly, eye-catching and just the perfect touch to your holiday home!

To get your home holiday-ready, Mr. Tile and Home Improvements is offering a 10% off Tile and Grout Cleaning for appointments booked by November 15 and completed by December 20. Call me today for a free in-home consultation and estimate and let’s get your house ready for the season! Text me directly at 980-616-0914, call our office at 704-256-3750 or email us at We look forward to working with you!

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John Kontakis
Mr. Tile and Home Improvements Owner and Master Tiler John Kontakis takes extreme pride in helping clients with their home projects. With more than 25 years experience in kitchen/bathroom remodeling and expert tiling, John and his team treat your home like it's their own, paying meticulous attention to detail and completing projects on time and within budget. Mr. Tile can be contacted at 704-256-3750 or