Getting Ready For A Photo Shoot

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Whether your home is a multi-million dollar estate property or a great first-time homebuyer and/or starter home, professional looking photos are an absolute must. Now more than ever, the majority of people start the home-buying process online.

When getting ready for a photo shoot, it is best to plan ahead.

1.Make sure you do not schedule any appointments for the time of your photo shoot. Your photographer will not want to compete for space with anyone else, including repairmen, contractors and/or the cleaning lady.

2. All lights should be turned on prior to the photo shoot (table and floor lamps, too) so that your rooms will be ready and the photographer may focus on taking photos, not getting the room ready for photos.

3. All blinds should look the same from inside or outside the home. They should be down all the way and be opened halfway so they look uniform from any angle.

4. All cars should be removed from the driveway and parked away from the front of the home. The garage should be closed. (If you have a nice garage and want the photographer to shoot the interior, you can open the door once all of the exterior photos have been completed.)

5. Your pets should be contained in a separate area or removed from the home during the photo shoot. Pets should not be included in photos.

6. Your home should be clean and neat and in perfect “show-ready” condition.

And remember, photographs of your property should tell the “truth” about your property. If you have a steep driveway, a sloping backyard, or something unusual about your property, it is best to include a realistic photograph of it. While some people may not like that unique feature, others may. If you present a realistic, but attractive view of a unique feature, you increase your chances of finding the right buyer for your home.

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