Great Skin Care

Beautiful Woman with Healthy Skin

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In the field of esthetics, the skin of the esthetician is often a barometer for potential clients to consider whether an esthetician is credible enough to care for another’s skin. While this may be an unwritten rule, it is worth exploring a little deeper.  After all, hormones and environmental stressors can wreak havoc on anyone’s skin.

As a practicing esthetician, clients often say to me, “Your skin looks great. What do you use?” That question typically leads to a lengthy discussion because there has to be a committed effort to achieve excellent skin tone and sustained results.  Healthy skin care is founded on lifestyle choices that include such options as healthy food, exercise, hydration, skin appropriate topical ingredients, and a consistent skincare regimen.  There are no magic formulas to improve your skin but it’s key for clients to have a clear understanding of their skin type, the needs of their specific skin type, and also the diligence required to achieve skin care goals.

In addition to getting regular facial treatments that provide deep cleansing, exfoliation of dead cells, and hydration, clients should request a skin analysis.  They should commit to learn more about their skin type, it’s strengths, and weaknesses, and they should request a home care regimen that delivers an improved skin condition.  Great skin thrives on healthy choices, maintenance, and appropriate topical ingredients; there are no short-cuts.

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