Novant Health has weight loss options

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For those concerned about weight, Novant Health’s Bariatric Solutions can help.

The program aids people in maintaining a healthy weight as well as in losing weight.

While weight loss surgery is available as part of the program, help with creating healthy meal plans, exercise routines and more are also features of it.

“So we have the full gamut of offerings,” Ellen Carraro, a bariatric surgeon with Novant Health, said.

What makes Novant Health’s Bariatric Solutions stand out is that the program focuses a lot on health as a whole and not just weight loss. Focusing on weight loss is one thing but ultimately the reason they look at a person’s whole health is that being overweight or obese can affect or lead to other health problems. People don’t have to have severe weight problems to benefit from the hospital’s bariatric solutions. Anyone who is considered medically overweight or who has concerns about being overweight is welcome to contact the hospital to learn if they would be good candidates for the program’s services, Carraro said.

A team of board-certified bariatric surgeons, nurses and registered dietitians work with the program and will help people learn more about what has led to their weight gain and discuss with them goals and plans for the future for their health, according to the Novant Health website.

Carraro has worked with Novant Health’s Bariatric Solutions for a year and a half.  She said she enjoys working with patients in the program and seeing the effect it has had on them.

Many patients have said they love the results they have gotten and some have also commented that they wish they had done the program sooner, Carraro said.

At the main Novant Health facility in Charlotte, there is a gym as well as a certified trainer available to help participants of the Bariatric Solutions program with strengthening and other exercise needs.

Currently Novant Health is working on improving and adding to the program with the addition of more classes to help educate people as well as medical procedures and other elements.

“We by no means are just a standard place where you come to get surgery. We try to give every individual a thorough assessment of whether they’re a good candidate and make sure their needs and their voice are heard throughout this,” Carraro said.

To learn more about bariatric solutions or to connect with a physician in the hospital’s program visit

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