Healthy Skin for Life

Mature woman with healthy skin

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Denise’s style is elegant and her looks command attention.  To describe her as charming and sophisticated, seems to leave something in the balance.  Her hair is silver with hints of black and despite the cool weather, her skin glows.  Denise is the epitome of growing older with class and style.

Denise’s recent spa visit went something like this:  To prepare her skin to transition from hot, sunny weather to the cool weather that was rapidly approaching, Denise requested a deeply hydrating anti-aging facial treatment with seaweed exfoliant, an antioxidant rich serum and a vitamin rich, hydrating finishing cream.  Her skin care regimen is very structured and as she explained, “Caring for my skin is a priority because who will take care of my skin if I don’t, and if I can delay skin recesses and wrinkles, haven’t I earned the right to make that choice?”

Denise understands that after age 40 or 45, the corporate world can be less secure and she knows that healthy skin is a derivative of a healthy lifestyle.  She considers spa days as personal retreats; an opportunity to take care of self; a necessary event to decompress and recharge.

Aging is a natural progression of life and it will evolve as gracefully as you allow it.  This holiday season, schedule a spa appointment to exfoliate dead skin cells and get the glow back in your skin.  Follow a home care regimen and include topical hydration of the skin through natural plant or marine based cleansers, serums, toners, and creams.

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