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With the first day of summer approaching on July 21, we are all looking forward to warm days. Our children are on vacation and a lot of our time is spent indoors. With us being indoors the comfort system is working really hard. Did you know that your air conditioning system works approximately 3,300 hours per year. If a car was driving at 65 miles per hour for 3,300 hour it would cover a distance of 214,500 miles. Would you drive your car that distance without checking the oil or changing tires?

Your HVAC system works hard. As it works it gathers dust and dirt particles. These particles are caught up in the filters. As the filters become more and more clogged up with all the particles the system must work harder to pass air through the them. Obviously this causes the system to have to work harder and use more energy.

The coils on your system also gathers dust. The dust particles stick to these coils. As they stick on the coils it becomes harder for the system to cool down. This causes the equipment to have to work harder to give the same cooling effect. A harder working system uses more energy.

If you have a technician perform a regular clean and system check on your HVAC system you will definitely save on electricity. You also need to regularly change filters. A system filter is a cheap item to replace, but if not replaced regularly it could make you systems compressor work too hard and eventually fail.

Cole’s Comfort is running an end of spring special system clean and check for a very reasonable price. We will clean your system and ensure that it is running at full efficiency. This should be adequate to keep you cool for the summer. This will surely also save you more than $59 on your energy bill this summer.

For any advice on this you are welcome to contact Coles Comfort on 704 888-1168.


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Martin Lambooy is the owner of Cole's Comfort Contractors in Locust. Martin bought the company in October 2018 and is working to make a good company a great company.
Martin and his family immigrated to America from South Africa. They decided to settle in the beautiful Charlotte area because of the lovely people who live around here. Martin holds an accounting degree and is an experienced business owner.
Together with his team of expert advisors Martin will give you valuable advice on how to maintain a optimally functioning HVAC system.