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Ceiling insulation is essential to save on energy bills. The insulation on many ceilings are actually lacking.

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In many cases, when a house gets built, it gets done as cheaply as possible. Wall and ceiling insulation are standard items in almost any house in America. The insulation gets done to code. The code gives specific minimum guidelines to a contractor. The catchphrase here is the word minimum. All items in a house that is built to code meets minimum specifications. In most cases the builder would charge additionally if items were to be done above code.

The department of energy has a very interesting and informative article on insulation at this website. https://www.energy.gov/energysaver/weatherize/insulation If you have ever thought about how you can save on your electricity bill you can find some very interesting facts there.

Your heating and air contractor should be able to assess the insulation that is in your ceiling. It is as simple as using a ladder and looking inside your ceiling. Evaluating walls however is not that easy. It will probably take a contractor to inspect that. If the insulation in your ceiling is found to be lacking it is a simple process to install new insulation, or to add to the existing. This process should take an experienced person no more than a few hours, depending on the size of your house and accessibility.

Cole’s Comfort Contractors is experienced in ceiling insulation and will be happy to advise on any questions that you may have on the subject.

For any advice on this you are welcome to contact Coles Comfort on 704 888-1168.

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