Boost Your Bathroom

Boosting the look and function of your bathroom can be as simple as changing out a mirror, shelving and lighting, or going for a complete bathroom overhaul to replace a rarely-used tub with a large frameless shower, new toilet, new vanity and stylish tilework.

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WAXHAW, NC – With more of us staying home these days, one room in particular is likely getting a lot of use: the bathroom. Whether it’s the hall bath, guest commode or master bath, we want our time in there to be as pleasant as possible. With that in mind, here are a few bathroom upgrades that you can tackle on your own or hire experts to complete. 

  1. Small leaks around a toilet base, sink base, or even around your tub can cause grout to become wet. This can cause additional problems very quickly. Look around your bathroom fixtures for signs of moisture (grout looks dark or feels wet, caulk has peeled or lifted) and get these addressed as soon as possible. These simple and typically inexpensive fixes can save you thousands of dollars later!
  2. If your shower or tub area hasn’t been professionally cleaned in more than two years, take a closer look. Has the grout darkened or changed color? Do the tiles or grout feel slimy or gritty? Do you have water stains on the tiles or grout that just won’t go away? Hard water, water deposits, soap, and cleaning agents can impact grout and tile surfaces over time.
  3. Can your bathroom use an upgrade? If your budget allows, you can completely remodel your bathroom to turn your rarely-used tub into a walk-in frameless shower, upgrade your sink, vanity, and mirror, or replace your old toilet with something nicer and more water-efficient. Quick bathroom upgrades for weekend warriors include: painting the vanity, changing the vanity hardware, or replacing a mirror. Everything else would benefit from a contractor’s expertise.
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