Coastal Vibes

Get the ocean vibes without leaving your living room with pillows in shades and stripes of blue.

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While it can feel like a trek to get to the beach, you can bring the beachy-coastal look to your home in no time. Here are three things you can do to catch the wave vibes in your space without getting sand between your toes.

  1. Pretty pillows: Nothing spruces up a tired look like fresh pillows in vibrant colors. All home design stores in the area, like HomeGoods and Target, are featuring beach-life pillows in an array of sizes and colors. While turquoise pillows bring to mind island waters, you can also throw in linen/neutral pillows that feature simple shells. Perhaps a vacation saying will do the trick? Find a pillow with words or pictures that remind you of a past (or upcoming) vacation. Seeing a beachy reminder every day can help you evoke warm memories or stir up excitement!
  2. Designer Shelf: An empty corner or bare wall can get a quick makeover with a shelf system to highlight trinkets and beloved treasures. Gather or purchase ornate shells, fill a vase with sand, and add bold touches to the ensemble with signature pieces in shades of blue that remind you of sky and surf.
  3. Spa Oasis: A salt-water soak can work wonders, even in your bath! To bring a coastal vibe to your bathroom, consider tiling your tub walls or adding calming blue tile accents to your shower. Add ocean wave sounds as background music, and a candle and soap with a nautical theme, and you’ve got a relaxing day at the beach, right from your own home!

For tiling ideas that bring a coastal look to your kitchen, bathroom or living space, contact me through

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