Hire a Contractor or DIY?

How can you decide if it's a project for DIY or a pro? Consider the difficulty of the work and your ability and time vs. what a professional can offer.

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Thanks to YouTube and weekend classes at home improvements stores, there are many home projects you can tackle yourself. Hang a shelf, paint a room, stain wood furniture, even install a kitchen backsplash. In fact, area Lowe’s stores have a workshop for the latter scheduled for September 12 and Home Depot is hosting a wall tile session on September 28. It’s always beneficial to learn new things and home owners should always pick up tips to care for their homes. But when should you leave your home project to a professional?

Here’s an easy way to decide if you should do it yourself or hire a pro. When you have a headache, slight cold, scratch or common bruise, you will likely care for yourself. When you have more serious symptoms, you will probably enlist the help of a doctor or medical professional.

It’s similar for home improvements. If a project is minor enough, for example painting a small area, hanging a frame or mirror, or installing a new light fixture, you can probably successfully do it yourself. But bigger projects will be better handled by professionals who specialize in the work, such as tiling your kitchen or bathroom, installing new cabinets, replacing your floors, installing new sinks and tubs, or replacing shower enclosures.

Home improvement stores are hosting tile installation classes this month. Take a class to learn the basics if you want to DIY, but hire a tile pro when you want a beautiful backsplash or bathroom tile work.

Reputable contractors will explain the work required, ensure the right materials are purchased, recommend the right approach for your needs,  and will be able to address any issues that may unexpectedly arise.

When you have a home project, whether you want to DIY or hire a pro, it’s always best to understand your budget and needs. To get an idea of what’s needed, reach out to a professional for an estimate and talk to them about what you’d like done, the budget you have in mind, and what your expectations are for your project. Hiring a contractor is a partnership with a pro. If you choose to do major home projects yourself, you’ll only have yourself to blame (or cheer!).

If you’d like to partner with an honest, meticulous and highly-skilled professional, just give me a call at 980-616-0914 or email me at MrTileNC@gmail.com.

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