Lux Laundry Rooms

Adding floor-to-ceiling tile behind the machines immediately upgrades your laundry room and makes it as beautiful and homey as the rest of your house. Tiled flooring is easy to keep clean in a room where dust and lint settle on the floor.

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CHARLOTTE – One of the most often-overlooked rooms in the home is the one that also works over time: the laundry room. Many laundry rooms today are equipped with nice high-tech washers and dryers, and laundry rooms in most newer homes include custom cabinetry. But a laundry room doesn’t just have to be a functional space! You can turn the boring chore of laundry and ironing into a pleasurable experience with homey touches. Here are a few tips to turn your laundry room into a lux experience.

  1. Tile: Floor-to-ceiling tiles behind your washer-dryer help elongate the room and create a beautiful visual behind the machines. Laundry room wall trends include highly patterned tiles in gray, blue or yellow–three colors that can calm and cheer up any room! Tile on the floor not only instantly upgrades the laundry room, but won’t warp if there’s a leak or water overflow. Choose a larger format tile for the floor, so that you have less grout lines to keep clean from laundry lint and dirt.
  2. Shelves and Cabinets: Install shelving or cabinets in the laundry room to store cleaning supplies and extra bedding/towels. If opting for open shelving, pick up some large baskets to hold items and keep the room tidy.
  3. Folding table. If you have space, include a counter, preferably with shelves or cabinets underneath it, on the opposite wall of your laundry machines. It can serve as a folding table, making the task of folding laundry an easier endeavor. A tiled backsplash between the counter and cabinets complete the look.
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