Style Your Home With Tile

Tie a kitchen look together—and dress up a plain kitchen island front or end—with gorgeous tiles for a modern and fresh look in your kitchen.

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WAXHAW, NC – We’ve received quite a few calls lately to put tiles on stair rises, around kitchen island bases, and fireplace surrounds. Here are a few tips if you’re considering styling with tile.

Stair Risers
Runners seem to be making a comeback, but tiles on stair risers surely make a statement! Applying tiles to your stair risers is unique, beautiful, and durable. While time-consuming to install, tile stair risers allow you to tie your home together, especially if your stairs are near other tiles areas in your home, such as your kitchen. Using complementary tiles, you can carry a tile design from your kitchen or floor to your upper level.

Kitchen Island
Stylizing your kitchen island with shiplap or tile is a fun and fairly easy facelift! You can use the same tiles or a complimentary design from your backsplash to tie the look together. Tiling that area eliminates unsightly dents and smudges from stools.

Most fireplaces use stacked stone or marble or granite tiles, but herringbone tiles have become quite popular lately. Expect a larger investment if the stone needs to be removed, especially if the stone extends the length of your wall. Herringbone tiles, in general, are most costly to purchase and install because this pattern takes patience and flawless installation for a luxurious look.

If you have questions about what should or shouldn’t be tiled, shoot us an email or a text (980) 616-0914 and we can provide expert advice.

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John Kontakis
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