Tile Stands Out in 3-D!

River rock, cobblestone or pebble tile create a soothing texture underfoot and add a focal point to a shower niche.

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You don’t need 3D or VR glasses to enjoy the view and visual interest in your home! One of the newest tile innovations that are quickly becoming mainstays on backsplashes and bathroom walls are 3D tiles. These dimensional tiles have angles, corners, grooves and other tactile textures that create a visually stunning masterpiece compared to a flat-tiled surface. Of course, the textured look isn’t for everyone, but home owners who embrace forward-thinking style are flocking to 3D tiles to make a bold statement on their walls.

Dimensional tiles come in a wide selection of shapes and sizes. You can choose hexagonal with 3D raised corners and angles. Depending on how lighting and time of day hit these tiles, they create shadow and shine and can really change the look of a space throughout the day. 3D tiles in glossy white bring in shades of gray, while the same tile in black can shine shades of silver and gray. The angles on 3D tiles dictate how light bounces around and the effect it creates on walls.

Tiles with texture function best on walls, but they can be used on floors as accents or in smaller spaces, such as a shower floor. Pebble, cobblestone and river rock tiles create a unique underfoot texture and add to the visual interest of a bathroom. Many of our clients like the rustic, outdoor look these rock-type tiles provide in their shower, and some carry that tile into the niche or as a border accent.

Fireplace surrounds also provide a cool canvas for dimensional tiles. With dimensional tiles, you can create a unique space for a warm, tiled look with porcelain wood-look tiles, a rustic look with stacked stone, or a modern look with textured marble tiles. Tiling your fireplace surround can immediately and drastically change the feel of a room. If you’re thinking of tiling your fireplace, aim for a September-October date. When the cozy fall weather finally comes, you’ll be ready!

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