Tile: The Right Choice for Your Home

Tile is durable, sustainable, low-maintenance, budget-friendly and won't emit or absorb toxic chemicals. It's child-friendly, pet-proof and the perfect material for your home.

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When remodeling or building a home, materials are a major consideration. Home owners must take into account durability, sustainability, maintenance, life factors and, of course price. For all of these reasons, tile is the best choice when it comes to materials for your walls and floors.

  1. Durability. Porcelain and ceramic tile excel at hardness and strength. When it’s made, porcelain tile is fired at high temperatures, making it stronger, denser and less porous that ceramic tile. Porcelain tile is best for high-traffic areas and wherever impact resistance is important. But if you don’t need such durability, ceramic tiles are a good, usually less expensive option. We recommend ceramic tiles for backsplashes, bathroom walls, or fireplace surrounds.
  2. Sustainability. According to the National Tile Contractor’s Association, tiles are one of the top sustainable building materials. With an expected life span of 50 years, they don’t need replacement as often as other options, such as vinyl. Because they’re color-fast and non-fading, tiles can look just as good on Day One as Day One Thousand. This keeps tiles out of landfills! Plus, ceramic tiles do not emit pollutants like vinyl flooring does. In addition, if installed properly, tiles can inhibit the growth of mold and fungus.
  3. Water Resistant. Want something that’s spill-proof, kid-proof, pet-proof and life-friendly? Look no further than tile. If you have a kitchen sink overflow or bathroom flooding, tiles won’t ruin like a wood floor! We always recommend tiles for kitchen, bathroom and laundry room floors—wherever water may be an issue. Plus, it doesn’t scratch or dent, and is pet- and child-friendly.
  4. Low Maintenance. Tiles don’t need toxic chemicals for daily cleaning. If you use green cleaners, or soap, water and white vinegar, tile is your top choice! With tile in your home, you contribute to a cleaner environment that won’t send harsh chemicals into the air or our water system. Plus, think of all the money you’ll save on cleaning agents!
  5. Price. Of course, price is often the most important factor. Depending on the tile size, quality and material, retail price of good tiles are approximately $3 to $10 per square foot. But because tiles can last for about five decades, the long-term cost of tile is significantly cheaper than materials that need replacing more often.

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