Welcome to Your Porch

Outdoor furniture sets and accessories can spruce up your porch, while a tiled floor instantly elevates your home's outdoor look.

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With rising temperatures, high humidity, and insect-mania, you may want to retreat indoors. But if you’re lucky to have a shady porch or patio, spruce them up and enjoy the summer!

No-Fly Zone
To keep your porch or patio comfortable — and to keep the flies away — use an electric fan or a ceiling fan. A fan not only cools your guests, but the breeze makes it harder for flies and mosquitoes to attack. Keep the fan on high while you’re outside, and the number of flying insects should decrease noticeably — no toxic bug sprays needed!

Some plants, like citronella or lemon balm, work double-duty. They keep mosquitoes away and create a lush green border in your outdoor space. Look for a citronella or lemon balm plant at a local nursery, as greenhouses and farms usually grow plants that thrive in our environment.

Simple Summer Style
Adding style to your outdoor space doesn’t have to break the bank! Home Goods, Lowe’s, Walmart, and other retailers have budget-friendly seating, pillows, and decorations. Also, look on social media sites Facebook or NextDoor to see what local neighbors might be selling. You can pick up new porch seating for $50 — which just might give you enough motivation to step outside again!

Upgrading your outdoor floor is another way to elevate your home’s style. An indoor/outdoor rug is budget-friendly, and outdoor tiles can make any space take on a new life. Start gathering design ideas and quotes now for an outdoor tile installation to begin in the fall or spring. Tile-setting materials work best in temperatures between 50 to 90 degrees, so the Carolina summer is not ideal for an outdoor tile project! When tiling outdoors, contractors need to take into consideration expansion joints, temperature fluctuations, and water absorption. Knowing what your outdoor space goes through each season will help you and your contractor work together for a seamless installation — fall is just around the corner!

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