Thinking of Refinancing

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LET’S DO IT!! Have you been thinking of taking advantage of LOW Mortgage interest rates or improving your cash flow?  Well then, I am glad you have decided to take the next step toward a new loan that can either lower your payment or take years off your loan.

Why Refinance?

  • Lower the interest you pay the bank
  • Pay your loan off faster
  • Get rid of PMI
  • Get CASH out and pay off credit cards

How Much Will This Cost?

Yep, you guessed it.  Nothing worth something is ever FREE.  There are some costs that come with refinancing, but for the most part, we can make it a non-issue if you have enough equity in your home.  The typical fees are the following.  Lender fees, Attorney related fees, inspection/verification fees along with re-funding your property taxes and insurance.

What’s the Refinance Process Like?

Imagine your homebuying process, then remove a real estate agent and a down payment, and you’ll pretty much have your refinance process. Between the two, refinancing is probably the easiest because you don’t have to find a home or involve as many people as you did with the home buying process.

If you’re looking for a lower monthly mortgage payment, refinancing could help you do that. Give me “Tony G.” a call, I will be happy to answer your questions. LET’S DO IT!  SAVE SOME MONEY!

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Tony Garshnick
Tony Garshnick believes in faith, family and a rock-solid financial foundation. He helps individuals and families across the Carolinas realize the American dream of home ownership in a thoughtful and responsible way. Tony is a mortgage planner with his eye on clients' overall financial picture as much as their home loan. He is also passionate about helping those who make their communities and their country better. In his free time, Tony volunteers at his church and enjoys being with his wife and two daughters.