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Winter is the perfect time for one of a kind painting projects. With a single can of leftover paint, you can bring a punch of color to many surfaces you probably never dreamed of painting. Here’s just a sampling of some of those options.

 Chair Legs

An ordinary kitchen chair makes a great candidate for this fix. An asymmetric dipped look offers an especially sophisticated twist and a great way to enhance shaker chairs or wooden bar stools. Just make sure to tape off the ends with painter’s tape to give your lines a clean, sharp edge.

Coffee Table

As the centerpiece of your living room, a coffee table is often one of the first things guests see when they enter your home. An unusual paint choice, like a bold orange or bright teal, or even a distressed adds a special spark to living spaces, transforming even the plainest surface into a true statement piece.

Drawer Knobs and Hardware

Dresser drawer pulls and knobs can appear worn after frequent use. Rustoleum or leftover latex paint in a bright hue can cover even the most beat up hardware. Painting knobs and drawer pulls also provides a chance to wipe away dirt and oil that may have come off from your hands over the years. You’d be surprised what a difference a little TLC makes!

A Utility Rug

Spray-painting inexpensive utility rugs is an affordable design shortcut to dress up a mudroom, entryway, rec room, or other heavily-trafficked areas. A can of paint and a little ingenuity are all you need to get this one done! Use a stencil or even just a roll of painter’s tape to create a unique pattern, then cover the rug with indoor/outdoor spray paint.

Vent Covers and Baseboard Heaters

Vent covers and baseboard heaters are exposed to dust, moisture and daily wear and tear which can prevent them from looking crisp and clean. To repaint baseboard heater covers, disconnect the power to the heater, then give them a once-over with a wire brush to remove any dust or paint flakes. Don’t forget to use rust-resistant metal paint.

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