Is It Time to Change Your Skin Care?

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Would you continue to use the same cleanser, moisturizer, or skin care routine even if your skin barely showed improvement?  When your plate is already full, is it easier to keep doing the same thing as opposed to finding a new alternative? Sometimes the answer is “yes” even though it could be a resounding “no.”

Fast forward to 12 months later and you’ve noticed your skin looks dull and dehydrated. It has lost its glow and make-up, lotion, and cream do not relieve the problem.  You are perplexed about what caused this change but in hind-sight, the culprit may be that you used the same skin care routine for a long time even though your skin never looked quite the way you wanted it to – because sometimes it’s easier to follow the same path because we don’t have the energy or the time to make a change.

We live in a world of change and there’s often only time to take care of the family’s needs, requirements at work, the church’s needs, school projects, errands to run, and the list continues to grow.  There’s always something waiting to be addressed – quickly, more quickly than the last time and this hectic pace can frequently derail your perfectly planned schedule.  After a series of delays, we tend to lost sight of things that on the surface, didn’t seem so important after all.

To be effective, changing skin care products does not have to be expensive and they can be done in small steps.  Change involves finding alternative products that deliver results that you love and cherish. Love the skin you have been gifted with.  Avoid artificial additives and always take a moment to read the labels. Contact your local wellness spa for a skin consultation.

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