Geocaching: A Great Family Adventure

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WAXHAW, NC – If you are looking for a great day’s family adventure, Andrew Jackson State Park is an excellent outing. Located right off Hwy 521 within a short drive off South Charlotte, the 360-acre state park was established in 1952 to honor the only South Carolina-born president.

There is a little bit of everything here from 1-mile loop hiking trails to playground equipment and park attractions like an 18th-century replica schoolhouse, picnic shelters, and campgrounds. Andrew Jackson Lake is 20 acres offering fishing and boating.

However, the most unusual feature at the Park is that they are an official Geocaching site. If you are not familiar with this family-friendly activity, Geocaching is part riddle, part hide-and-seek, part treasure hunt. There are currently Geocaching locations around the world including the International Space Station and Mount Everest!

To play, you use the Geocaching app and/or a GPS device to navigate to cleverly hidden containers called geocaches. Once you find a geocache, open it up and sign the logbook. You may discover some trade or swag items (small toys, keychains, trinkets) inside the geocache. The general rule of thumb is if you take something, leave something of equal or greater value. Then, place the container back exactly how you found it and share your experience online with the rest of the geocaching community.

If you would like more information about this unusual activity visit  For more information about other special places in this area, reach out to Jamie Leggett at or (704) 650-6345.

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